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well hello there. . .

Welcome to a little think we like to call the motion blog. Why the blog? Why not the blog . . one thing we love about what we do is the people we work for and making friendships that last beyond just the wedding day. We hope that this blog will help us get close to our clients and really give others a glimpse into our lives. The hope in all of this is to allow you to know more about us. As we post updates here we hope this will give you an idea of the people who would be with you for several hours on your big day. So the motion blog will be full of stuff, pictures, comments on past events, info on where we will be so you can drop by to say hi, and other helpful and, well, just fun stuff. On some post you may wonder. . .what does that have to do with anything. You know, that’s a good question. . .and that’s the great thing about a blog, it’s, well, a blog. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to visit And be sure to check back to find out a little more about us and what’s going on from time to time.
Duane and Ashley


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